How to Hire an Attorney When You Can’t Afford One

Did you know that as many as 90% of litigants in some states are unrepresented during court because they can’t afford a lawyer? Millions try to navigate their way through the system without representation. Even when you don’t have the budget to hire a lawyer for your claim, there are other avenues you can take to get one.

Read on to learn about how to hire an attorney when you can’t afford one.

Contact the City Courthouse

When you are looking for answers on how to hire an attorney, contacting the city courthouse is the first best option. Some courts are willing to offer free assistance when you can’t afford a lawyer. However, the cases they generally take are divorce cases.

Even if you aren’t dealing with a divorce case, it is a good idea to call the courthouse. They can suggest an affordable lawyer to you.

Look for Free Consultations

When you are looking to hire an attorney, you can often find ones that offer a free consultation. If it comes to the worst-case scenario and you cannot hire a lawyer, you can at least get advice on your specific case.

You won’t come away from a video conference or phone call ready to try a case on your own, but you can get enough information about the process. These consultations may also direct you to another lawyer who can get hired for a cheaper price.

Check Legal Aid Societies

What happens if you can’t afford a lawyer? Another option is to look for help through legal aid societies. These nonprofit organizations are everywhere and tend to offer free services to those who can’t afford them.

Keep in mind that to receive help from these organizations, you have to be low-income. Often, many households make too much to get free help. It is still worth a shot to try.

Contact the State Bar Association

You can contact the State Bar Association and tell them “I need a lawyer but can’t afford one” to get answers to legal questions for free. They don’t provide free advice for every topic, but for a small fee, they can offer a 30-minute consultation with a real attorney. These topics usually include personal injuries, unemployment, Social Security, workers’ compensation, etc.

Sell Your Assets

If you are in a rut and can’t get a lawyer through any of the above options, you may have to buckle down and sell some of your assets. Making money to hire a lawyer is a reasonable option for those who have something to offer that they don’t necessarily need. This could be small things like clothes or bigger things like an old car.

There are other options for those who need immediate funding. If you have a structured settlement, you can sell structured settlement payments or the entire thing to hire a lawyer.

How to Hire an Attorney When You Are Low on Money Explained

Knowing how to hire an attorney when you can’t afford one is beneficial for a lot of people to know. Lawyers can be pricey, especially when you are dealing with a serious claim. By using this guide, you can hire a lawyer when you need them most even when you don’t have the budget for one.

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