So, You’re Thinking of Buying Bitcoin?

Before you begin shopping around, it’s a good idea to ask oneself why you’d like to purchase cryptocurrency. You really need to answer the why before you tackle how to buy bitcoin. There are many reasons to be interested in cryptocurrency. It can be used for online retail shopping, while traveling or simply as an investment. People either spend these coins or hold onto them as they would a financial instrument. Determining your use ahead of time can help you choose which method of purchasing might best suit your needs. Let’s begin by looking at spending in general. A situation where a consumer is curious and wants to try Bitcoin, so they can see how online retail purchases can be made with it.

Bitcoin Exchanges Work best for Newbies and Shopping

Bitcoin exchanges are large, professional outlets that allow a consumer to purchase and sell cryptocurrency whenever he feels like it by connecting his bank accounts. This is the easiest and most readily available method for translating standard paper currency into cryptocurrencies. The going rate is a fair price to pay, and no haggling is required. A lot of people use these outlets for investing too as such websites typically issue digital wallets to their clients. Some investors prefer this method.

P2P options could Benefit Some Investors Consumers More…

Some investors prefer the peer-to-peer option for crypto purchases. The idea is almost like having the flexibility of a coin collector (i.e. a part of this bitcoin from this particular blockchain for this much.) People that want to do what investors do (buy at a specific price and sell at another) sometimes prefer P2P crypto networks. Prices can differ from the going rate and this is why investors seem to be attracted most to P2P networks.

What if I’m in between these Two Categories?

If you are in between the two categories of crypto purchasers, you have careful considerations to make. On one hand, Bitcoin exchanges will often allow you to deal with an entire digital wallet full of many brands of cryptocurrency. On the other, a specific blockchain at a specific price might be more attractive. When in doubt, always begin by utilizing Bitcoin exchanges. These websites have tutorials that will often have you investing with the best of them in no time at all. The P2P crowd is going to naturally assume that you have some level of experience. Other P2P investors might be reluctant to do business with somebody that is ignorant to their processes.

The Best Approach in the Long Run…

As previously discussed, begin with an exchange. Stay with an exchange for some time, even as you get better at buying and selling bitcoins. When you have been investing for a number of months, feel free to upgrade into doing a little P2P every now and again. If you enjoy P2P, and get good at it, you might trade this way exclusively in the future.

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