Avoid Ever Falling Into Debt Ever Again by Being Obedient – Personally and Nationally

As a nation we are borrowing again, incurring further debt.

Normally I have said something and written a piece regarding debt and cash and money in November or December, but these months have passed suddenly, and you may be reading this and still continuing to repay the debts you incurred some months ago. That is not an amusing situation to be in!

The United States of America is being confronted with massive debt, and the United Kingdom is finding it extremely difficult to resolve this crucial and critical and crippling issue.

Personal debt appears to be on the increase as well and that has its own catastrophic consequences, with stress and tension and battling.

In the dangerous December season do not get into personal debt, and if you are already in debt do not incur further debt. No matter what month it is do whatever you can to avoid getting into serious debt.

Debt causes arguments, distress, trouble and fear.

One very simple way of avoiding debt is to say clearly and specifically, “I am not buying that. We are not buying that. We can’t afford it.”

Resist the temptation to buy items which you know are beyond your means.

This can be a difficult decision, which is seldom easy, but it will be a wise decision.

Some ‘December debts’ can take months to pay off, becoming a painful worrying heavy burden. March and April debts are no easier and just as disturbing and just as upsetting.

Almighty God pardons sin and Jesus Christ came to forgive sin and sins and that includes the area of debt and owing money.

Owing money can cause people to become physically unwell. I have seen it.

It is possible to be free from debt and one can become free from debt but that could take some time.

God has something relevant and practical to say about debt. “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another.”

Refuse to get into financial debt. Make your mind up. It has nothing to do with emotion, but a cool clearheaded decision which an individual makes.

If you enter into a contract that is all right, but keep up with the payments, and never take on more than you can safely repay.

Discovering what God teaches regarding debt might save you from months of upset, anxiety, and heartache.

God speaks to us about this matter in the context of our behaviour and relationships with those around us.

Attitude is important.

Pay your tithes and offerings to God, your taxes to the state, and whatever you might owe your neighbour, no matter who your neighbour might be.

This was first written to people who were disciples of Jesus Christ, but it is essential in 2017, and so highly practical.

Godliness with contentment is great gain.

These truths could prevent you from running up unnecessary bills.

So few people are really willing to accept sin for what sin is and getting into debt is sin. Having massive debt is certainly not the Will of God and is no part of the plan and purpose of God.

That is how serious this whole matter is. II you have a question regarding this crucial and critical matter then contact me through the excellent facilities afforded by this website. If I can answer your question I will and if I cannot I will endeavour to be open and honest and say so.

This crippling problem need no longer be a crippling problem.

Help is available should you want real help, and this applies to national debt as well as personal debt.