Six reasons for building an online presence

Every business needs an online presence in today’s highly competitive and increasingly digitised market. The Covid-19 crisis has only accelerated this trend, with more consumers now keen to buy online – and likely to continue to do so, even when the economy reopens for trade. So what are the main reasons for investing in your website, app and other digital assets?

1. Brand reputation and credibility

Your brand is essential to gaining and retaining a loyal customer base. A good credible website can help you with this aim and position your brand strongly within your target market.

2. Reaching customers

A website makes it quick and easy to reach your customers. Your customers can be located anywhere and order from you without geographical borders – so long as you offer delivery options that meet their needs. With a website and other online methods such as online advertising and SEO you can greatly increase your reach.

3. Competitive advantage

A great website will help you to build that all-important competitive position and help you to stand out. Remember to buy domain names from a reputable online supplier, which can also offer hosting and other services. You can find your perfect domain name at

4. Brand control

If you can control your brand, you can grow the right perception of your business within your target audience. Populate your online presence with quality content that spans blogs, videos, images and competitions. These will all grow your sense of brand. Remember to link to any online PR you garner too for additional SEO and awareness benefits.

5. 2/4 operation

A website isn’t limited to your working hours, and it can allow your customers to find the information that they need and even to submit online orders around the clock. Try adding a chatbot to help provide a customer service function around the clock.

6. Reviews and engagement

Positive reviews will grow your reputation fast, while also building your search rankings. Engage with your customers on social media, link back to your website and incentivise everyone who orders from you to leave a review to grow your online presence sustainably over time.

It takes time, effort and investment to build a strong online presence, but the hard work will certainly pay off in the form of conversions and those all-important sales.

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