Eligibility and Requirement for Becoming a Tax Agent in the UAE

There is a particular set of requirements that everybody who wants to become a tax agent needs to fulfil. If someone doesn’t fulfil all of these Requirements, he can’t become a tax agent.

Those who meet all the requirements and come up to the mark, they get appointed as tax agents by the FTA.


To become a tax agent, a person must pass the test as well. this is really necessary as if someone meets the requirements but do not pass the test, he cannot become a tax agent.

If a person gets appointed as a tax agent. The must carries out all his duties in a good manner or else he will have to face penalties. The FTA authority makes sure that every person that gets appointed as a tax agent is able to carry out the duties without any delay at all. This helps the FTA to get the tax in a smooth manner. For more information about to become a tax agent click here. 


A tax agent basically represents the person who has to pay the tax according to the laws in UAE.

FTA has created some proper standards which are to be maintained by the people who want to become tax agents. there is some condition in it as well. if a person doesn’t meet these conditions, he will not be able to become a tax agent in the UAE. Those conditions are as follows;

  • Experience of almost three years in taxation including accounting and law. A person must have a practical experience in all these fields
  • He should be able to speak in Arabic and English in quite a fluent manner
  • He must have a degree of bachelors or masters in taxation, accounting or law. Any of them will do good for the person. All of these degree programs must be from some proper as well as registered institutes
  • He must pass the tests of FTA
  • He must be able to perform all the tasks that are needed to be done. He must be fit as well
  • He must be good in his conduct and should be stain free from all the misconducts.

After fulfilling all the basic requirements of becoming a tax agent, he can apply to get registered as a tax agent. It is to be noted here that it falls wholly under the FTA whether they ask for more of your documents or not. It is their choice if they hire you or not. All of it must be their decision and it is not necessary that they ask for more information about you.

When will the results be announced?

It is expected that the decision will be taken in almost 15 days regarding the tax agents. after you submit your application, the decision will be taken for you in 15 days and the FTA will contact you on their own regarding the proceedings.

If you do not meet all the requires, the FTA will not pass you and will reject your application as well. this is quite a long procedure which is followed by the federal tax authority and it might take some time as well. if you do everything in a proper manner on your part, you will surely not get rejected but it is all dependent upon the decision makers.


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